Abbreviated CV

Abbreviated CV

Current Position: Professor and Chair, English Department and Director of Digital Liberal Arts at Macalester College

Prior Positions: Professor of Victorian literature and culture (2000-2015) and Literature Programs Coordinator (2005-2012), Eastern Michigan University


Architectural Identities: Domesticity, Literature, and the Victorian Middle Classes, University of Toronto Press, 2010. Named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the year. Reviewed in Nineteenth-Century Contexts, Nineteenth-Century Literature, Review19, Studies in English Literature, Victorian Periodicals Review, Victorian Studies.

Children and Empire Series (4 vols.), co-edited with Cheryl Cassidy. Routledge Press, 2012. Vol 1: The “Civilizing” Mission: Education, Morality and Conversion; Vol 2: Management of Children: Life in Sickness and in Health; Vol 3: Migrations and Cultural Differences: Children throughout the Empire; Vol 4: Empire’s Children at Home: The Domestic Impact of a Presence Abroad.


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Addressing Campus Violence Online and in Your Classrooms,” Profession, Spring 2019.

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“Maternity Betrayed: Circulating Images of English Motherhood in India, 1857-1858,”Nineteenth-Century Contexts 35.2 (May 2013): 187-21

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